Foot snare trap 6″

33.07 $

  • Lynx, coyote, bobcat, fox
  • Diameter 6″
  • Canadian certification AIHTS number: QLA
  • Ideal for capturing animals from 5kg to 10kg
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The foot snare is a trapping tool that reduce to a minimum the injuries to the animal and allows the release with-out problem non-targeted catches. These traps are specially designed for capturing canines and felines.

These traps, while both models provides with a different trigger mecanism, have jaws that momentarily captures the leg of the animal for a short time, the time that the snare closes and maintain the animal in place.

When the struggles to get out, he will disengage the springs and release is paw from the trap. It is therefore the snare anchored to the ground, as close as possible to the trap, that holds the animal attached. Not the trap that it is not anchored.

We manufacture also stainless models to prevents rust, so makes it easier to camouflaged it and the trapper’s
smell. This prolongs the life of the trap also.

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Weight 1.5 kg